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Fight Your Criminal Charges With A Solid Defense

I am Vancouver criminal law attorney Jack Peterson. From my law office in Vancouver, Washington, I defend clients throughout Clark County who have been accused of crimes, from traffic offenses to DUI and domestic violence.

My criminal defense practice is based on in-depth knowledge of both sides of the criminal justice system. Before becoming a defense attorney, I spent four years as a prosecutor. Working for the government, I learned the strategies that prosecutors use to get convictions, and I use that knowledge to protect my clients’ interests.

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Criminal Defense Services In Vancouver

I do everything appropriate and possible within the bounds of the law to protect my clients’ interests. This is true in every case, no matter how serious or minor the consequences, including:

  • DUI charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, repeat DUI charges and accident-related charges involving alcohol.
  • Suspension of state driver’s license after a DUI arrest, conviction or another traffic offense.
  • Traffic violations, such as reckless driving, driving while license suspended, speeding and other moving violations.
  • Drug offenses, including possession, possession with intent to sell, drug manufacturing and distribution.
  • Domestic violence cases involving allegations of assault made by spouses, ex-spouses, parents and others in relationships
  • Sex crimes, such as rape, possession of child pornography and child molestation (many of these charges are brought against young adults who had consensual sex with teens).

In criminal law cases, prosecutors have the burden of proof. They must prove every element of a case in order to obtain a conviction. If they fail to prove even one element, the defendant should be found not guilty. I know the implications of this on both sides of a criminal case, so I make prosecutors work hard. I challenge them wherever possible, fighting illegally obtained evidence, investigating incorrect police conduct and protecting my clients’ constitutional rights.

Aggressive Defense For DUI Charges

Many of the cases I handle involve accusations of driving under the influence (DUI) or drunk driving. Many of the accused are people who have never been involved in the criminal justice system before. They worry how an arrest may impact their driver’s licenses, finances and careers.

I help make things easier by explaining the law and how it may apply. I also handle all aspects of drunk driving cases. I represent clients in criminal court, as well as in administrative hearings to prevent driver’s license suspension. This complete approach helps reduce the impact of DUI arrests on my clients’ lives so that they can move forward during a challenging time.

Criminal Defense Focused On Your Rights, Your Future

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