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Experienced Defense For Vancouver Traffic Offenses

Many people do not believe that traffic offenses can have serious and negative consequences on their lives. Unfortunately, they fail to take traffic violations seriously until it is too late. The best approach is to protect your interests by taking immediate action after a traffic violation.

Contact me, Vancouver traffic ticket attorney Jack Peterson, to learn your options under Washington state law.

I represent people who face a broad spectrum of moving violations and criminal traffic offenses, including:

As a former prosecutor, I know most of the prosecutors in the Vancouver area. I know what they are thinking, and I know how to achieve the best possible results in negotiations involving traffic offenses.

My Approach To Your Traffic Violation Case

When I represent you in a traffic violation case, I file a notice of appearance with the traffic court. I then obtain the police report and review it with you, helping you understand the nature of the charges brought against you and the best course of action for resolving them.

If necessary, I interview witnesses, make motions and collect evidence. If we win our motion, you will be entitled to a trial. Of course, there is always the possibility of resolution before your case goes to trial. That’s why I will continue to negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf.

Do You Wish To Fight Back Against A Traffic Ticket?

Talk with an experienced traffic violations attorney before making decisions about your case. Let me, trial lawyer Jack Peterson, help you efficiently fight your traffic citation. Contact me today for a free initial consultation by calling my Vancouver, Washington, law office at 360-859-5297.