Tips On Negotiating Your Injury Settlement

After suffering an injury in a car accident or any type of accident caused by somebody else’s negligence or misconduct, you will probably have to deal with the party’s insurance company. If the accident was a case of pure negligence, you can expect the insurance company to offer a quick settlement. It may seem like a fair amount of money, but don’t be too quick to sign. The minute you cash the check, you will be forfeiting all further legal rights to seek additional compensation.

Know The Full And Fair Amount Of Compensation

You will probably have no way of knowing whether the amount being offered is fair compensation for your injuries. If you take the money now, you may discover that you still face a lifetime of medical treatment and lost wages and opportunities for future earnings. It makes sense to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington, area, call me, personal injury trial attorney Jack Peterson. I have years of experience helping people negotiate the maximum money damages they are entitled for their injuries and damages. I offer a free consultation to review the circumstances of your injuries. If I think you have been offered the full amount of compensation, I will give you an honest opinion. If you don’t need me, I won’t take your case.

Some Tips For Negotiating A Favorable Injury Settlement

1. At the scene of the accident, don’t talk to anyone except the police officer taking the official report. Anything you say to anyone present may come back to haunt you as evidence of your own liability.

2. Keep a record of all evidence gathered at the scene of the accident, including contact names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses. Do not turn your records over to the insurance company unless compelled to by the court.

3. Don’t talk to anyone about your case as the negotiations progress. Again, the insurance company will have a team of investigators and lawyers working to gather every scrap of evidence to use in their favor. Anything you say can end up being used against you.

4. Make sure you have a trustworthy lawyer you can rely on to help you through the negotiating sessions. Insurance advisers know when they are in a position of power over the claimant. Without an experienced trial attorney on your side, the insurance company will not feel any pressure to be fair.

5. Be available and forthcoming with your lawyer. When your attorney requests information, medical records or reports, act quickly. Any delay on your part may result in missing key information for a negotiating session, affidavit or court filing deadline.

Contact Me For Help Immediately

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