Fighting For The Justice Of Wrongful Death Victims

No experience compares to the pain of losing a loved one. It can be especially difficult to process if the death was caused by an act of negligence or an act that could have been prevented. When this happens, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can secure justice for your loved one and help you seek the compensation you are owed.

I am Jack Peterson, a wrongful death attorney with a law firm based in Vancouver. Having practiced personal injury law for many years, I am experienced in fighting for the rights of those who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. I represent clients across the greater Vancouver area. With my firm’s proximity to the Washington-Oregon border, I am also able to take on cross-border cases, representing clients who have been fatally injured on either side of the border.

Although a financial reimbursement cannot bring your loved one back, I am dedicated to fighting for your compensation so that you do not have to face the costs of the accident alone. Call 360-859-5297 to set up a free consultation.

Helping You In The Aftermath Of Loss

While losing your loved one is a painful experience in itself, it may have also left you and other surviving family members to suffer a severe financial loss. Perhaps this person was a critical source of financial support for your family, and losing their income could have affected your standard of living. Maybe their fatal injuries have brought about many unforeseen costs to cover, such as their medical bills or even the preparation for their funeral.

Whatever the financial consequences, I am committed to helping you feel supported in the aftermath of your loss. I am prepared to face the individuals involved in your accident, as well as any insurance companies involved to seek the compensation you deserve.

Schedule A Consultation With Me For Free

Losing your loved one to an act that could have been prevented leaves you emotionally devastated. With a lawyer by your side, you or your family do not have to feel unsupported in the process of determining your next steps. To schedule a free consultation with me, you can fill out my firm’s online contact form, or call 360-859-5297.